July 10, 2015-New Companion Elder Slabaugh-Elder Sky Transferred to Saphaan Sung

This week was so good but what makes it even better is how SICK this transfer is gonna be! The new homie Elder Slabaugh is the new comp and he is a straight boss it has been so fun- and we have been seeing so many sick maricales just in these first few days. we are looking at a goal of 15 baptisms this month 

Yeah so slabaugh is this sweet dude originally from DC but live in italy for all of highschool - his dad is an airforce medic. our district is stacked this transfer and yeah i could just go on about how excited we are but i wont

Our investigators mint and may met with us earlier this week and may brought her 2 year old daughter nikki who is just way cute, and her boyfriend, best, came as well. we started teaching him and now he has a date to get baptized this next sunday- may and mint are tomorrow ayye! so excited for them. mint's story is so sick- she is the one that came up to me while i was inviting at the way busy mall, terminal 21, and took my picture of jesus and said she wanted to come to church. over the past 3 or so weeks its ridiculous how much i have seen both of them grow. sister may went out of town to hongkong for a week and a half or so, and we finally got to meet with them again this last week. we had a solid lesson but it was more focused around the boyfriend Best, and both mint and may wanted way bad to get baptized this sunday, but still had a lot of things they were supposed to learn before, especially law of chastity, word of wisdom, 10 commandments, honestly just like all of them haha idk how we forgot to teach all those, so anyways yesterday (friday) we meet with them and have a solid lesson just packed full with stuff- i was stressin before how it was gonna go just because i normally dont like teaching commandment back to back to back, but it was one of our best lessons with them. at the beginning of the lesson i told them that they both had faith and i've seen them already start changing their lives to become more like Christ (aka repent) and that they were ready to be baptized, they just had to learn all of christ's teachings first, and so when we taught it was so evident the faith that they had, and their strong desire to follow christ. we would honestly just like tell them a commandment, explain way short why its so important and they would just be like "yeah... we can and will follow that". it was even sicker when we were introducing the word of wisdom (not drinking alcohol, tea, coffee, smoking etc.) and sister mint told us that in April, like 2 months before we even met, that she stopped drinking tea and coffee because she felt like it wasn't good for her. sick instance of the hand of the lord in her life preparing her. 

some more sick lessons with my nepal investigators. sanjeeb is getting baptized this sunday as well and he has grown so much as well. his cousin invited him to come to church with us the first week he was here in thailand (they live here right now- i think mainly to be away from the earthquake stuff that happened a while ago) but anyways sanjeeb had a wayy good first sunday at church. the next week he told me how much his life has changed that week, how he wanted to be a better man, and wanted to follow christ etc. but his big issue was that he knew he had to go back to nepal one of these days, and he was afraid that his hindu/buddhist friends and family would reject and neglect him. i read scriptures with him that day, and gave him some encouragement and then we met with him again this week- and he is just so on top of the world, stoked and ready to get baptized- he read all the chapters in the BoM i gave him for homework, and has just grown so much faith. there is so much joy in teaching the gospel.

Transfers day was way dope- you have to go watch nate bartling's video he made for it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7hxzp8bVtA

it was super fun, and it was pretty clear to everyone how much inspiration pres. johnson has been getting for this mission as we move forward. this month we are naming กลับใจ July, which means repentance July, but it sounds sick in thai (glab-jay July). 

we have been super busy this week and thus i havent been doing so great at writing much in my journals, but dont worry i repented and im getting better. being a  missionary here in Asoke is just way too sick that words cant describe, or pictures, or even video, but we are doing a way good job of getting sick video of a lot of stuff we are doing around here with the go pros. unfortunately theres no way to send you guys the videos because there too big, but nate bartling might be editing and making some videos for us this transfer. 

im wayy happy and i love being here- missionaries are so sick man. a lot of miracles to come- God lives and the church is true. i love you all

elder chamberlin

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