God bless America :) and Thailand too!

hey fam bam whats up how we doin'?!? this week has been a blast- heres the lo-down

early in the week we met with a new investigator named lily, this chinese girl from china obviously who works here as a property manager of some sort for way rich chinese people that come to work/live here in thailand. shes way sick- i wish i had a picture for you but just to describe her in a few words: she said that she has been buddhist for the last year or so but that it just isn't enough for her- that she wants to find something more to help her actually become something. she talked about how there is so much good in all the religions she has studied but how in each on she is left wondering so much and confused about all her questions that are left unanswered. i compared God's plan for us in life like a puzzle, and how in his original church beginning with adam, down through the ages, eventually to Jesus Christ and then restored later through Joseph Smith, is one big puzzle. all religions (mostly) teach us to be good and have true doctrine, but they only have some of the pieces to the picture- but that here, she would see the whole picture, and not be left to wonder. she had such crazy good questions which i wish i recorded because the spirit was strong and with the help of a chinese member in the branch that speaks both thai and english we were able to help answer Lily's questions and concerns about her life and about religion. it was a way good lesson and we are looking forward to see her and her friend that she brought to our lessons, get baptized here this month. 

sister mint and her sister may are two of our investigators from about 2 weeks ago. sister mint- i met her inviting at terminal 21 (right out front a giant mall) where there a just tons and tooons of people. and in the rush of the crowds she had come up to me, snatched the picture of baptism out of my hands and basically asked me if she could get baptized. she could be baptized this sunday, but we didnt want to rush it, and so she will be baptized next week, hopefully along with her sister on that same day. they are soo good and already have so much faith in their savior jesus christ which i love. 

biggest miracle with our investigators this week was my first investigator that we found when i moved down to bangkok- ahkom. he is a tuk tuk driver (its like those crazy big go cart type things ill send you a pic) and has accepted a date to be baptized since i think the first time we met with him. his only problem has been that he lives with his girlfriend, and they have 4 kids and havent been married. hes only like 27 btw. and he was way afraid to tell his gf that they needed to get married because of a messy situation between the two, so after a week or 2 of meeting with him and telling him he needs to talk with her and figure out the situation before he can get baptized, we had pretty much dropped him as an investigator, but then he came to chuch the next sunday and asked what he had to do to be a member in this church. we told him that he could get baptized as soon as he got married or seperated (which getting married in thailand just means going to the government building and signing a paper and paying like 3 bucks.) and so we told him we would go meet at his house with his gf as well to explain the situation to her. we met with her and she was NOT down to get married at all. like not at all haha it was pretty awkward. but we had a solid member testify about trusting in God, testified about families, and temples (this member just went to the temple in hong kong for the first time about a month ago.) but we left still feeling like she wasnt down for it. then two days later we get a call from ahkom and he says, "elder champ, im just calling to let you know that we are getting married this friday and i want to be baptized this sunday" MIRACLES BABY! so we got to go and be the "witnesses" at the paper signing of their marriage thing. ahhhh yeah! and so we are working to get his 9 year old son baptized with him this sunday as well- 2nd case scenario would be have him baptize his son in a week or two. missionary work wooo!

some big transitions here in thailand with president senior leaving us and president johnson coming in. bittersweet fersure. we had a nice final meal at some crazy nice buffet japanese place with pres. and sister senior this week though which was a good time. gonna miss them- but president and sister johnson are just so great. elder and sister grange (the new office couple) are just hilarrious too so working here is gonna be soooo much fun this next transfer, with tons of baptisms as well. 

we have had two cambodian missionaries staying with us the last week or so- one of them is here because he has to make some visits to the hospital this week and next, but it has been way fun having them here as well. we went on splits with them the other day, so i took out elder kim and it was way fun seeing him invite both thai and white people to repent and be baptized. he doesnt speak any thai except pretty much just "yaag lang bab may?" asking people if they want to be clean from sin. hahahahaha. satan has been working hard on us these last couple days. we had a goal thusday friday and saturday to invite soooooo hard and get 100 numbers of interested people. and we went SO hard- hahha but after all that i came meeting a total of zero people that were interested. but thats not enough to get us down- we have a lot of sick investigators right now, and the Lord continues to bless us as we push forward serving him with all our heart might mind and strength. transfers this next week already and ill be getting a new companion... asoke is about to blow up with how many people are gonna be in that baptismal font this month its gonna be ridiculous- stay tuned. love you all and miss you with all my heart. 

God lives and jesus christ is our savior. the message is real- we can be clean from sin. so much joy in this great work, and even more in sharing it! much love,

elder chamberlin
4th of July Photo Shoot with my companion and AP's Elder Wolfley and Elder Arne

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