A letter from your Thailand Man on June 26, 2015

what up fam! 

this week has been way sick and crazy! we had to get this project done by yesterday for pres. senior- we are making a miracle book that is filled with miracles from every missionary throughout thailand that happened in may. so its called Mayracles. the book is sick, but getting everything good to go cause some late nights and so i havent had too much sleep so sorry if this letter doesnt make sense. 

We had some cool miracles come thru last sunday with one of our old investigators randomly coming to church with his 2 kids. he asked us when he is gonna become a member of our church haha, and we told him he needs to marry his girlfriend that he is living with before he can get baptized (in order to keep the law of chastity of course) and so we'll see if he makes prgoress this week. God has been blessing us with tons of new investigators this week which is way fun and sweet to see. we even had president senior come and help us teach in one of our lessons it was a blast. his thai is impressively pretty good haha. its gonna be hard saying goodbye to that great man. he is filled with so much goodness and knowledge. 

so monday we had companionship study with our AP's and we decided we need to change something to get the mission fired up like it used to be a year ago. talking with them they said one thing thats changed is just how baptism hungry they were back then, in the sense that when they were outside, there was a lot of times they were just like running around to talk to everyone they saw. like just nuts crazy, taught even bolder, etc. so we decided just to take everything we do back to the next level and just be obssessed with baptism this week, like talk about it with everyone, literally everyone we see. so it takes us alot longer to get places but it has indeed brought much fruit. 

there was another thing that got me way fired up the other day. elder arne was showing me a mission weekly newsletter from last year when elder campbell and saunders (the two missionaries that changed the way we invite in thailand to just asking everyone if they want to cleanse their sins, etc.) and there was a month where they had baptized 15 people. like solid baptisms- not just get them in the water and then they disappear. i told pres. about it and he said that it only took one, and then the whole mission took off with baptizing- then he's like it need to be you. LETS GO! i love bringing salvation to souls, seeing our investigators change their lives- it just makes me so happy. and then when we get rejection from crazy white people and they tell us we are spreading a disease haha, its just like yeah you tell us that after you go meet the dad that quit alcohol and stopped abusing his family, or the kid with suicidal thoughts that completely changed his life around and has so much joy in living. there is just NO GREATER WORK! sorry i get pretty fired up about it- it is just so much fun over here.

my roomies are pretty jealous that ive gotten 3 packages since ive been serving in asoke. shoutout to the homies mom julie and megan! thanks for the love you guys are great keep it up<3

I can't remember too much that happened this week bc all the days got blurred together with the lack of sleep and i didnt write much in my journal bc of the lack of time- but i guess its sufficient to know it was a great one!

cool new investigators that have such geniune desire to follow christ, to improve their lives, and help their families be eternal families. i love being a missionary and love serving here in Bangkok, there is no where else i would rather be. I know God is fo real, and it is more clear to me each day i get out and serve his children. 

one last random fun thing- we've had some cambodian elders staying with us the last couple days (there here bc one of them has to go to the hospital) but yeah thats been fun. its a party over here, or as they say in thai: part-iiiiiii

alright love you all! have a good week, and make it a better week by serving and loving those around you :)

elder chamberlin

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