Last Letter from the Happiest Missionary in Thailand

We celebrated the 50th year of the church in Thailand yesterday. It was special meeting old mission presidents and missionaries that served decades ago. It was a pretty big gig. For my short note today-

This week has been bitter-sweet but in reality, when people (which almost everyone does) ask about what day i fly home, what time, etc. it all still seems not real. 

It has been special getting to serve my last month with Elder Joyem. The other night we were pillow talking, and he expressed his gratitude for the gospel. He said, "I'm not afraid of the future because 5 years ago i was just a normal Buddhist kid. I never thought my life would be like this 5 years later. Now I think about the next 5 years ahead. My life will be something I can't imagine, but it will be the best, better then i could ever imagine." God is great- It is amazing what he can do with a life in just two years. 

I was blessed to baptize Brother Bird, Sister Mint's boyfriend, on my last Sunday. I baptized Sister Mint last year in Asoke. They are so cute. The thing i will miss the most from being here in Thailand, from this whole mission experience, is seeing God change someones life literally in the space of days and weeks. Sunday my mind was directed towards Brother Bird and how much his life has changed, all the things he has overcome, and how blessed his family will be in the days to come. And then my mind moved to Brother Boom, a kid I consider my little brother. In his words, "you would think we would've met earlier than this..." in terms of me having to go home this next week. Elder Joyem and I met him a couple weeks ago and in this short time his life has turned away from gang fights and drug-filled nights. His story is amazing- one day i will tell you in detail. When i teach him, i think of the people of King Benjamin that God has "wrought a mighty change in [him], or in [his] heart, that [he] has no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually."

Miracles abound and the work in Thailand will continue to move forward. I am grateful to have had played a part. God lives. I look forward to the day when i can return back to his presence and into his warm embrace. I do love my God, for he is my joy and my salvation. Christ is our Savior. He gave everything for us, and I hope to tell him that i gave everything for Him. His gospel is true- it brings eternal peace and happiness- it seals families together forever. 

It has been a great journey. 

From the Beginning to the End-
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