September 1, 2016

Hey family that i love<3 Lots of big and great things happened this week- it was sad to send elder stone off at the airport, but as you can imagine that sadness was quickly swallowed up in the joy and excitement of getting Elder Bunker here in Asoke to serve with me as the new assistant- we served together as new ZLs in Roi-Et. I love this guy. I will try to write more later- we don't have a p-day this week and have to rush off to a lesson right now to bring an LA back and baptize her friend :) 

Even though it is a short letter... i just want you to know that i am so full of love for you guys. I feel so incredibly blessed and loved. Often times it really just doesn't seem fair to me. I think of you often and pray for you by night. I testify of the love and unity and strength that the gospel can bring to families- i know it has done so for mine. I am so happy to know that i will be with you for now and forever. Another 2 months and some change i guess? This next month will fly by for us as we will be WILD busy with Zone Conferences around Thailand. It will be lots of fun though and there is nowhere else i would rather be, nothing else i would rather be doing. I will try to take lots of videos- this week was pretty week but ill see if theres any good stuff to put on the google drive :) 

i love you with all my heart<3 'Til we meet again (which may be way soon we might sneak in a little more time to email tomorrow if possible)

the happiest missionary in thailand,

elder chamberlin