Happy New Years!

 preached John 2:16-17 

I am in roi-et with elder bunker from orem one of the funniest kids i know. he came into the mission a transfer before me so i was with him in the mtc. these last two weeks may have been some of the funnest and most packed with hard work and miracles since ive been here. lots to tell but no time to write. some exciting news is that elder calderon my trainer was a ZL in roi et right before he left to train me and finished his mission. and now i sit at his study desk as a ZL here and to top it off he is here in thailand and is coming to roi et this weekend so im stoked on that. no time to talk of all the greatness of roi-et we havent eaten all day and i believe there is pizza waiting us at the church before our appointment in 15 minutes. i love you guys- Think to Thank this week and show some extra love and gratitude for those around you. It's simple- but very powerful in the lives of those we love. 

Sorry for the lack of emailing the last 3 or so weeks and then this hahah but yeah sorry thats what i got for ya- love you! 

Elder Chamberlin