A Temple in Thailand

whats up fam! 

this week was another rad one as usual! we got a call at midnight last night informing us of the temple getting built in thailand ayyye! answer to prayers and a lot of hard work here in thailand and its going to be such a blessing for so many families here and in cambodia, laos, myanmar, etc. 

this week was a blast tho foreal, we'll start with tuesday-

it felt sooooo good to get back to work after our trip to chiang mai last week. i missed being in my zone- just working and finding and teaching and serving in p-lok, so yeah it feels way good to be back. and when its way hot and im way sweating and im standing inviting people who dont want to learn about how awesome jesus is, i actually feel way blessed to be able to be here, and idk its just a good time. when i feel like im not helping others build faith in christ bc they arent interested i know God is building faith in me. yeah so tuesday was a lot of inviting good stuff.

wednesday our lesson with brother gang fell thru bc he wasnt at his house like he said he would be. hahaha so feeling a little bummed we asked brother guitar (the member that was with us) if there were any members that lived nearby, so we went and visited a sister in the branch. such a miracle and blessing- we went and she asked us to give her mom who is way sick a priesthood blessing, and it was her moms birthday. cool experience love when we get guided by the spirit like that. yeah so we gave her mom a blessing on her birthday and her friend that was their as well use to be an investigator but stopped learning because he was too busy. so we shared a little message before we left, and will be meeting with the friend again this week to help him come unto christ. and then had another interesting experience teaching the 10 commandments to sister oyy (our investigator who's husband is a member), and to her two hardcore buddhist cousins hahah. After introducing God and Jesus a little bit for her cousins who were very not interested, we were trying to decide whether or not we should teach the 10 commandments or not- but feeling like we should we went ahead and talked about it- and i think it was super good for the two cousins to see what we believe and things we strive to keep and do. hopefully opened their hearts too. sister oyy asked us to pray for her one of her cousin's who is pregnant and sick- and so that was solid seeing her show her faith like that. oh and then a less active that we've been trying to meet up with for the last 3 weeks showed up way randomly at a youth activity that night- miracle on miracles! At the end of the day ahhh i felt so good.

yeah and then later in the week we tried some new inviting techniques from singing hymns to standing on chairs with a book of mormon in hand preaching repentance hahaha both of which i dont think were as effective as some other approaches but it was a good time. yeah i also ate some crazy sea shell food thing i think that was a snail- but it way wierd bc the members told me you have to kiss it and suck the insides out and so not wanting to be the lame person that wasnt gonna try it i ate it and it surprisngly wasnt bad. but then after eating a couple they gave me a toothpick to like pick out the insides so i could see it before i ate it and it like flew out of the shell and looked like a little alien baby it was pretty scary. ill send some pics- idk how i did it but i ate the alien baby after seeing it too- didnt feel too great that night

friday night we had an easter activity at the church and it was fun- also had probably the coolest lesson of my life with our new investigator sister lek, and yeah friday was just way good. 

ate sushi saturday which was a conquering of another fear, blakes family knows i hate sushi haha, and taught this super cool lady named modam. she owns a coffee shop and is just the raddest coolest little thai lady. we had to decline the tea she offered us but yeah she is way good and our lesson with her was solid- she is finna be gettin baptized in a couple weeks fasho!

sunday super good- i had to play piano again and try to practice the hymns last minute hahah but came through and it went pretty well. I got this rad mormon message last week on my usb "no regrets" about sean kimball from newport and used it in a lesson sunday hahah. enjoyed seeing california and the beach, and the RC lesson was way good too- about putting God first. which is so true iv'e seen in my life and the life of others when you put God before everything else, he'll bless you with success in whatever it is. we also went to a chinese/buddhist temple on a mountain that gives free food- pretty cool. 

right now we are in sukothai, another jangwat which is basically a state or province- and it is a super ancient city- i think the first city in thailand or something with cool ruins and stuff so yeah that will be our adventuring for the day, biking around ruins and waterfalls so pretty stoked for that. good week and its crazy how fast time goes. love you fam! 

and yeah we we general conference next week after its been translated to thai. woo!

im doing good, healthy, and very happy thanks momma love you. 

elder chamberlin<3

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