My New Companion is Elder Wright

i parted ways with the lovely elder kandun this week :-( he's a zone leader down in bangkok now- i love that little thai man and will miss him dearly.

so yeah im still out here grindin' p-lok and my new comp is elder wright from colorado. good guy and way stoked for this transfer, he's got a lot of drive and reminds me a little of elder dunnaway, my mtc comp, bc he's kinda stalky- kinda like jake loy ;) 

so this week i went and stayed in gam-pang-phet for a couple days so kandun could ride down to transfers meeting with another elder moving as well. i unfortunately didnt get to go to transfers bc songkran (the crazy thai new year celebration) was going on and it is just chaos in bangkok so pres senior wanted as little people to have to go as possible. gam-pang was good- the members are way rad. i just love thai people i think im gonna live here. i was def missin my cute pink p-lok house tho so coming back on friday was like coming back from vacation. 

super stoked because even though i wasn't in my actualy area for most of the week- when elder wright and i finally met up friday evening we went way hard, had like 4 lessons that night, saturday was super good, and then sunday as well and we came thru on our weekly goals which was a way rad miracle. 

yesterday we went to visit brother hua's family- he is a member, his wife and kids aren't, yet ;) and so as we are getting there after the 15min or so bike ride, brother boy a member at church runs into us, we talk to him surprised to see him (bc he wasnt at church, and it was just random to run into him here) and ask him to help teach. He says he is just barely free from work or whatever he was doing before, and so helps us teach. This experience just shows that God's hand is in all things for real. because we walk in to teach this family right, and brother hua the father wasn't home yet and showed up like 45min late. if God didnt guide brother boy to us at the perfect timing- we would of showed up and not been able to go in the house and teach (and meet sister may, the wifes sister who is a new investigator). so that was a cool little miracle. 

so our three baptisms for this sunday we moved back to next week- and im way stoked for that. sister small, and her grand-daughter cartoon are so excited, picked out hymns they liked this week, and we're trying to make baptismal services more of a special day for our investigators, like it is back in the states- so yeah way cool. sister cheek came to sister duhey's baptism yesterday and is way more confident and excited to get baptized next week, and sister duhey invited her 4 sisters to her baptism so that was rad. super good sunday. 

we're also gettin home teaching pumped up this week and month and are gonna get this branch ward-ready so there is a lot of excitement in p-lok right now about the work. yeah way stoked to be here. 

it's always way hard trying to remember all the little funny things that happen through the week so sorry- but its been a way fun adventure. love you all 

elder chamberlin

oh yeah ps. i met the raddest new member in gam-pang-phet who is a chinese teacher here and so he gave me a bunch of chinese learning material to use to learn and some point in the future. learning thai is such a blast and that'd be rad to come home speaking thai and chinese- so we'll see how that goes. the chinese guy (brother jacob) was baptized in a waterfall, thought that was wayyyy rad- maybe have the opportunity to do that one day haha. alright much love fam<3

oh pss mom can you send me pictures of the family and like grandma grandpa, great grandparents, etc. for this little family history booklet thing of mine. thanks you the best<3

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