Chiang Mai Conference

We traveled to Chiang Mai this week it was quite a blast.

So the 6 hour bus ride up was pretty bad but we got there around midnight and took an exhilerating tuk-tuk ride to BP Hotel (a tuk tuk is this crazy vehicle that is like a taxi-go cart type thing), and it was verrrrry nice sleeping in a good bed. 

The first day (friday) at zone conference was sweet and to watch the "Because He Lives" Easter Video a day before the actual release, and the video of course is way sick. Why is Jesus so rad.
We also did this practice teaching activity where pres senior told us what he wanted us to teach, what we had to include (Lesson 5 pmg with how to begin tetaching points of our choice, share a scripture, make sure to teach to needs (and thus ask questions to know needs) commit them, etc.) all in 5 minutes and we had 30 seconds to prepare. anyways after this fun little activity we talked about the doctrine of christ/ the gospel of jesus christ. this was the main focus of the conference and it was super good. the gospel really is so simple and awesome. idk how to explain it and its hot in this internet place haha so yeah im just gonna move on

it was way rad getting together with all the other missionaries in the zone- played some soccer, and ate a lot of good food. president senior is such a stud and im definitely gonna miss that guy in a few months. 

thai is coming well- elder kandun and i really dont have problems talking with eachother at all anymore, but after this conference and hearing some talks given by returned thai missionaries who speak english super well now after the mission- he wants to work harder in learning english so we'll be doing that this next week a lot more. 

its kinda hard to write this week bc there was so much i just dont even know what to write haha- but im doing super good, im happy, and excited to be a missionary. it feels good to be back in pitsanulok, and it was wierd feeling like i was coming home last night. i missed this place and missed just being out grinding and inviting and doing missionary things. i love it and i love the people here i get to serve and serve with they are so awesome. 

as for last pday we went to some crazy place way high up in the mountains it was sick- i remember when we stepped out of the party bus, it was raining outside and i could smell that sweet scent of wet tree bark and the air was just so crisp and fresh and cold ah it was so nice. we had a fun hike in the rain, and it was thundering/lightning for the first part which was pretty intense. yeah i sent pics and pictures are worth a thousand words or something like that so i'll let the pics tell the story. 

i love you family! i cant believe how fast the time is going out here. I know Christ is for real, and one of the coolest miracles we have because of him is repentance for sure. because of him we are able to change, become better, become more like our father in heaven. this message is such a sweet one and im blessed to be able to share it. love you all!

elder chamberlin

phu hin rong kla national park

Sweet Soccer Get Up - But had to Play Barefoot

Nice Digs at BM Hotel

Ultimate Spa Treatment for Feet

President and Sister Senior
This Pics for you Dad!

Chiang Mai Zone

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