1st Transfer in Thailand serving with Elder Kandun as Elder Calderon returned home

hey fam<3 this week has been another solid week. 

so it was sad to see calderon go- and wierd having a new companion fersure especially since hes thai and doesnt speak english really at all haha. his name is elder kandun. at first i was thinking like how are we gonna plan, do companion study, like just so many things that ive always done in english with calderon, even just talk and get like close with eachother haha... but we've been figuring it out- he's been helping me a lot with my thai- and of course ive been teaching him some english along the way. so theses next 6 weeks are gonna be way good- im gonna be speaking thai pretty much 24/7 now so thats a good thing- itll help me a lot long term. 

So yeah im still serving in p-lok which im really happy about because we have a lot of super solid people we are teaching right now and i loovvee the members here. i did get the packages from you and julie thanks mom you guys are thee best<3 

i think the miracle of the week would have to be friday night at the book of mormon class. normally elder calderon is a boss of explaining and applying the scriptures in a fun way and easy way to understand for all of our recent converts/ investigators, and with him not here, and no one really like jumping to talk explain/apply the scriptures that we had read- i figured i would take the responsability. i love the feeling of like speaking by the spirit- i dont know how to explain it- but when you arent really even thinking about what your gonna say but you just feel like a power inside of you and you just speak truth and bear powerful testimony. its just such a testimony to me of all the times in the scriptures when God tells promises us that he will fill our mouth with his words and we will speak through the spirit. 

Sunday was probably the craziest day ive had in a while just filled with too many things to do like every second of the day. we got to church early for elder kandun's interview with our branch president. after getting stuff set up for church, our branch president asked me to play the piano for sacrament (sister burbank used to be our piano player but she left this lasts transfer) and so i had like 10 minutes to practice the 3 hymns before the meeting started haha. im not much of a hymn guy but i pulled thru and it went much better than expected. i was stoked to see all 3 of my rc's at church and see 4 of our investigators there at church. those feelings are just the best happiest feelings to see people that you are helping to overcome there own personal challenges- and see them putting the lord first in their life, trusting in him, and trying to follow him. way rad. then after that i was the translator in our temple prep class. idk why they expect me to speak thai so well already hahaha less than 4 months ago i knew nothing about thai. but anyways that went alright- and then we had a cool couple from south africa that came into town today that will be staying in p-lok for a few months teaching english here. so i translated for them in 3rd hour as well haha. after that sister prew and ay got baptized and it was wayyy awesome- they bore solid testimonies after there baptism im way stoked for them both. after that our day was filled with teeaching some part member families. a new rc in our branch brother flug ( he baptized his dad lasts week) - and we went to teach his mom. shes solid and an awesome humble little lady. and then another rc sister bay. we went to teach her 12 year old son who didnt want to stop playing his video games to learn about jesus- but after some prayers in our hearts for something good to happen from my comp and i, sister bay's mom came and was alll of the sudden way interested in learning. the son started to acknowledge us as well haha, and we were able to have a nice short little lesson, and set up a family home evening for tonight with some members and their family. so were stoked for that. and then when we finally got home from everything we had to do weekly planning that we never had an opportunity to do. super long day- super tired- but those are the best days. 

yeah so im doing good. love you guys!

elder chamberlin

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