The Office Lyfe - June 5, 2015

whatsup family and friends alike!

Im still out here on that Bangkok grind, its way fun and i'm loving it. Elder Squire (just Sky if your thai) is a way good comp, and our APs Arne and Wolfley are bosses as well, so needless to say we are tearing it up in the heart of bangkok right now. 

One thing thats way different being here is meetings that we literally have every day. And we get pretty tight with all the people working here in the church office which is sick. 

President Senior gave us some nice counsel that got me pumped up this week- he was telling us that we basically need to be the best missionaries in the mission by the example we set, and on top of that get all the work done that needs to be done in the office. Like just because we have a lot of other stuff going on we still need to be looking out for the people in our area. to compare it to school, its almost like now volleyball season just started, and you would think since i have practice and games and stuff i wouldnt have as much time to do hw, study, etc. and so thus my grades would go down, but for some reason i would actually do even better in school during the season, because i had to learn how to use all my time wiser. its pretty similar here, how now in order to get our 2 hours of inviting in each day, we just spend extra time going anywhere to talk to everrrryyyyonne, which i like- had a cool miracle the other day. so we are walking from the mission office over to the church which is just like a 5 minute walk, and missionaries have walked this path probably a billion times and im sure the people that walk it are similar each day, but anyways there is just mobs of people walking down the sidewalk, and so you have 1 second to try and get people interested about going to church. and so as im going inviting as many people as my mouth has the speed to speak, i had a thought of doubt "i wonder if anyone has actually stopped and been sincerely interested by inviting in this way" just becuase its all so quick, and theres so many people walking its like hard to get out of the flow of traffic to stop and talk anyways. so i have this thought and literally the next person i invited was a mom with her 2 kids about 12 and 14 maybe, and to my surprise she was like, "yeah, my friend is christian... we do want to go and learn, where is your church?" A family! so rad just to see God straight up be like "yes elder chamberlin you do need to talk to every single person" idk cool experience. 

we've been slowly but surely picking up some good investigators. 

some other fun things that happened this week, which feels like forever ago-
we went to a dinner appointment with this family actually from nepal, they came over here after the earthquake just over a month ago. they are the coolest family with the two boys preparing to go on missions soon- and the food was wayyy good. 

favorite part of the week is brother off. he is this member who is about to go on a mission to ogden, utah, and leaves in about a month and a half. but right now he is doing like a mini-mission thing and so he was staying with us this last week. he is this small little guy (whos actually 20) from phuket. I want on splits to go inviting and teaching with him alot this week, and just fell in love with this kid he is gonna be such a good missionary. We got to be way close this last week- i just love thai people man. he speaks english way well, and is just so funny, and i dont even know how to explain all our funny experiences with him. but he is actually gonna go be companions in a 3-some in east thailand for the next transfer, so he will be very missed in our home. 

we had some good lessons, and have 3 people lookin to that baptismal font in the next 2 weeks. Bangkok is way hot like pitsanulok, but the ward here is wayy good. 

one super cool member i've gotten way close with is actually Elder Clarke's convert when he was here about 8 months ago- Brother ต้อง (dong) he is way tight. we threw a sweet birthday party dinner for him and a bunch of members on tuesday, and it was a good bonding expereince for us all :)

i feel like so much has happened and i just don't even know where to start, so ill just stop haha. i love you all and i know this gospel is true! Jesus Christ lives and his influence in our life is so real, every single day. One thing i really liked from my studies the last couple days came from the "4th Missionary" talk i forgot who gave it. But basically he was talking about how we determine our success (talking towards missionary work, but it applies in all things). And threw the scripture out, where jesus told his disciples... actually im just gonna copy paste the quote from the talk:

"The Fourth Missionary does not so aspire to become a "great" missionary; rather he aspires to be a "servant". He knows that "greatness" implies his performance in relation to others. He knows that the critical measure is his conduct in relation to his own abilities and in comparison to his past performance. While he fully understands and does not resent the need for statistics, numbers and measurements, he is not motivated by the praise or recognition of men. He is motivated by hisdesire to give himself and all that he is and has, to the Lord and to his work, however, that may compare with others. He knows that Jesus taught his disciples who at times aspired to the honors of men, that "whosoever will be great among you...shall be servant of all." He said: "For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many."(Mark 10:43-44)."

so remember to be like christ this week. i love you ทุกๆ คน (everyone). 

Elder Chamberlin<3

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