June 12, Live Reporting From Bangkok

Live reporting from Bangkok- i made headline channel 3 news here in thailand this week haha

It's been another great week, i love it here so much! 

So biggest thing that happened this week i guess was becoming a thai internet sensation for the past couple days by the way i crossed a flooded street next to our apartment haha. sounds like most of you guys have heard about it so yeah- the articles on it are pretty funny. The members like to call me superstar which in thai just sounds like sup-staaa haha good times. 

Anyways this week has been filled with some great stuff! Second sickest thing that happened this week- I got my License ayyyye! so i drove for the first time in 7 months the other day, and also rode my bike in bangkok for the first time which was just a blast. the whole experience of getting the license was way funny though- so i went on splits with our AP Elder Wolfley because he had to renew his as well. we end up getting to the place at 2:55 and talk with the lady at the front desk and she is like- "we close at 3:30, you still need to go get a physical, and make copies of passport,license, etc. etc. and there is no way you can do it all in time" and it takes a while to get to this place from where we live, and so we determine to race and try to get it done, we didnt really have another free day we could come back and do it the next few weeks. so we run outside, find a taxi, and tell him he has to book it to the nearest doctor so we can get a physical, and get us back here ASAP, and he like gets all way serious and starts mobbin, as he is breaking down minute by minute how we are gonna do this haha. so we get to the doctor right nearby and its closed, but not to worry our taxi guy had it all mapped out and got us to another guy, travel time was about 3 minutes haha. we run into the small little clinic (our taxi said he was gonna pull around and wait for us across the street) and we tell the old doctor man that we need our physicals and are in a bit of a hurry. he starts filling out some papers and then our physical exam consisted of the following: Him holding up a green marker and a red marker and he asked what colors they were, then asked us how are health was, we answered "good" and he signed and stamped the papers and we were set to go in like 5 minutes haha. our taxi guy mobs us back to the License place, we were able to make copies right downstairs, then got back up to talk to the lady by like 3:15ish and they rushed us through all the driving tests and what not because everyone wanted to go home and we were the last people haha. lots of funny little stories within this one but by the end of it everything worked out, and now im legal on the streets of Thailand woo! 

We took out the bikes for the first time this week as well and that has been a blast. there was a moment i felt like i was in the movie "I am Legend" when all the cars are just abandoned on the streets because the traffic was so bad for this way long road, like no cars moving anywhere in sight, and me and my comp are just mobbing and weaving thru gaps in the traffic. We have had a big focus on inviting this week as the investigators in this area are pretty slim right now, and we have seen some miracles come of our hard work. we found tons of interested people, but we'll see if the come to church this sunday or not. 

Zone conference this week with the Bangkok West zone. Pres. senior is a boss as usual and it was his last one, so that was pretty sad, itll be hard to see him go he's done so much good here the past 3 years. The theme in zone conference was Hope. Lots of good stuff of how Faith, Hope, and Charity are related, and how they should apply to our goals and our vision. So much good stuff, dont even know where to start to share, but yeah it was way good. 

In studies this morning i read some stuff in Helaman that i really liked so i'll share it:

Out of Helaman 14: 
And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall believe on the Son of God, the same shall have everlasting life.
13 And if ye believe on his name ye will repent of all your sins, that thereby ye may have a remission of them through his merits.

and so i liked the emphasis on repentance- because having faith isn't just saying you believe- but the gospel of jesus christ is to change us and help us become like him. I focused my studies on Repentance. Repenting is such a rad thing- and its not just praying and asking for forgiveness for mistakes, but its a process that change us and who we are. good stuff. this morning im in a bit of a hurry, finna go get a suit cut today with some saaweeet fabric i picked up last saturday. i will be looking very sharp on sundays. love you fam<3

Elder Chamberlin

P.S. momma can you send the gopro? we are gonna be making videos for the mission, and yeah it should be safe to send it just tape it up real good with some protective stuff around it. <3  

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