More pictures at the MTC while saying goodbye

This is with Brother Saunders, who i also reaaaally love. He's a stud and reminds me of Travis Clarke alot for some reason.   Both Hunsaker and Saunders knew Travis and still know him pretty well.                         

The picture is of me sitting down with my favorite teacher- Brother Hunsaker.  He's theee coolest guy here, love him to death.  He's the kind of guy I'll be hanging out with when I get home. 

Another quality picture with Brother Hunsaker 

This is our Thai native teacher named Ratchapong Kaosucharit (Brother Gao) he's hillarious. 
We talk about video games every once in a while, and he's a super good guy too.

                      Me and Brother Thrap. Love that guy-- He's probably helped me grow spiritually 
                                                   and in the language the most while I have been here. 

                            Me and one of our younger Thais. His name is Elder Swagger (really its Wager) 
             hahaha but i knew i was gonna love him just from his picture that we got of him before 
                       he even arrived. He's hillarious and he's from AZ.  He's 25. Quality human being.

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