Final Week in the MTC --- Elder Evans and Elder Nelson!

its finally here!!!! i cant believe it, feels pretty weird, but this last week in class has gotten me so excited for thailand! we've been looking at pictures, talking about the culture, and all that good stuff the last day or two. it was surprisingly really hard saying goodbye to all of my teachers today haha. who knew you would grow so close to them in just 9 weeks?! i have so much love for all of them<3

so this week was very eventful, and very special just like you predicted mom;) so tuesday morning elder dunnaway had saved these dead fish that elder bingham got in the mail like last week (picture attached) and thought it would be fun to keep in our room- which i was very against- but anyways he kept them and then finally decided to get rid of them when they started stinking up the room, but elder morley took them bc he wanted to have some kind of a funeral for them first. long story short he set them on the ground while he was eating breakfast and long story short, he spilled the mini aquarium of like 6 dead goldfish and brown water on our floor. The smell literally was the worst thing ive ever SEEN in my entire life- it was like a legitimate green mist traveling through the hallways it was awful. i plugged my nose and moved all my stuff including my bed into the other room hahaha, and again long story short we finally got the smell out for the most part with some pretty intense cleaning. pretty sure missionaries arent suppose to have pets so in my scolding of elder morley for spilling the fish i acknowledged the source of the problem was probably the disobedience hahaha. anyways that kinda ruined the day. fortunately it got better and as elder dunnaway and i are sitting down for dinner,  a security guy comes up to me with a paper with my picture on it and asks "are you sam chamberlin?" and im thinking at this point run.... haha just kidding but we were pretty confused and i reluctantly gave myself up as he hand cuffed me and took me to the front office (except he didnt actually hand cuff me). haha so we get to the front and president roach one of the counselors in the MTC presidency is there and says something to the effect of "Elder Chamberlin we've been expecting you. We have a friend that would like to meet you", haha and then i realized it was Elder Evans, so we meet up with him and he was super super cool and nice. he told president roach to make sure we got VIP seating to the devotional that night (which Elder Nelson one of 12 apostles just happened to be speaking at). so i snapped a pic with elder evans (had to borrow president roaches suit jacket bc mine was in the cafeteria so i look gianormous haha) and then we went our seperate ways. 

then at the devotional which was suuuuuppper good, which elder evans talked about an experience he had at our stake at the youth meeting, and he shared the EXACT scriptures that i talked about in my last email home- Alma 26:26-30, and so of course im trippin because a member of the 70 totally just used my thoughts and message to then give to the whole MTC- but he never gave me creds and i dont think he was at the house still when i sent it, so maybe we're just on the same wave length. either way i feel pretty cool. then after the whole devotional (elder nelson gave an awesome talking about trust, and all the trust God and others have put in us- so basically live up to that trust) elder evans signaled for elder dunnaway and i to go behind the scenes basically and hangout with elder nelson. so we get to shake his hand and talk to him for a little bit... what would you say if you had a couple minutes to talk to an apostle of the Lord?!?! it was a really cool experience. elder evans had some photographer guy take a picture of all 4 of us and he said he would sent it, so thats pretty sweet. 

then wednesday elder dunnaway and i got invited to be the model missionaries that like teach the first investigators that all the new missionaries come and spectate their first day in the MTC- so we did the beginning part of the lesson (killed it of course) and then they take over from there so that was fun. 

then we had our last lessons with our investigators today which was surprising how hard it was to say goodbye to them and that we are getting transfered haha. even though there not real it was like really sad. 

i dont have much time- but my birthday was so much fun here in the mtc with all the love from the fam and friends! thank you to everyone! i love you all so much! and i will talk to you when im in thailand what whaaaat! keep it real this week much love<3

elder chamberlin

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