Repent! and Begin to Prosper - Saphaan Sung‏ - July 1, 2016

This last week was GNARLY! We woke up before the crack of dawn monday morning to go down to the eastern corner of Bangkok to the Ancient City. It is basically what it sounds like- an ancient city filled with buddhist temples and nature and good food and exciting things. The pictures should paint a nice picture for you<3

That night we went out inviting and right as the winds started picking up, rain started falling, and a storm started rolling in, we found a guy interested enough to listen to our message so we were able to get inside and teach him for a little and take refuge inside his little store/home. #tendermercies

We went to Asoke to interview with the one and only President Johnson and i just love Bangkok- going into the city we hop on the sky-train, and it is literally ridiculous how many people can get packed into this train. It's mostly uncomfortable because your literally like stomach-to-back with everyone and no one likes to talk... typically we will strike up some nice conversation, and the quiet atmosphere is nice- the stage is set just to testify for all to hear haha.

The other day it hit me, and i really have these thoughts often- how DOPE thailand is. And how cool it is to just be walking the streets of some little town here in thailand and "to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light.. and mourn with those that mourn... and comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things,and in all places..." preaching repentance and faith on the Lord along the way. Can it get any better? So even though we have a new rat problem (really old) and they like to poop on my pans that i cook my food with, and even though our air machines smell like someone snuck diapers into them, and my right foot is starting to get something sketchy on it again... life is good and i am so happy.

Wednesday was a way hard day though- for some reason by the end of the day it just felt like nothing was going for us and our lessons all blew, and stuff was just discouraging- but just as the beautiful dawn will always break the darkness of the night, God came through and Thursday was SWEET. We read about "listening" in Preach My Gospel and it was right on queue what we needed. We pulled through with some way good lessons on thursday. One of the coolest lessons was with a new investigator of ours- who brought her friend too, and their are just super intelligent people who truly know their beliefs (buddhism) and so teaching the gospel just becomes so much cooler because it really does complete the teachings of buddha and as you teach there is just this feeling of enlightenment- its pretty cool.

Another cool story- so last week when we went inviting on Sunday- that day we were exhausted and I thought for sure my strength couldn't carry me through the 3 hour inviting sesh- well we met with someone the other day that i had met that night, and turn out she is just straight pure gold. Ever since she went to church as a youngster back in the day she has wanted to be christian- she said "when i learned about jesus i knew jesus loved me and i loved him ever since... i had just never had the chance to go to church again until i ran into you." Thanks God<3

We have Zone Conference this week on the 4th of July ayye- God bless america! and thailand :) This morning i had a nice study in Helaman. For your Elder Chamberlin Spiritual Thought of the week: "And it came to pass that they did repent, and inasmuch as they did repent they did begin to prosper." a cool promise from God: "Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more." and thus: "O remember, remember, my [friends]... that there is no other way nor means whereby man can be saved, only through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, who [has] come; yea, remember that he [came] to redeem the world... The Lord surely [came] to redeem his people, but... he [came not] to redeem [us] in [our] sins, but to redeem [us] from [our] sins. And he hath power given unto him from the Father to redeem [us] from [our] sins because of repentance; therefore he hath sent his angels to declare the tidings of the conditions of repentance, which bringeth unto the power of the Redeemer, unto the salvation of [our] souls." So my beloved brethren... repent! <3 and follow your Savior, and [we] shall receive [our] reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.

love you!

your truly,

Elder Chamberlin


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