Hey Homies November 22, 2015

Hey! this week was sick, and it was a special surprise as i was sitting in sacrament meeting in the back row yesterday, and got tapped on the shoulder, and when i turned to look back saw the smiling beautiful faces of travis, alexis, and jon and leslie clarke. I love that family so much- and i had no clue they were coming to Udon so that was wayyyy cool- turns out it was travis first area. 

So cool stuff that wend down this week- its rice harvesting season, so we have had a lot of early morning (5am) service projects of going to go harvest rice this week- way fun and surprisingly super tiring. Makes you grateful for indoor jobs and airconditioning. But it was a super fun experience with the crew, im basically professional now. On wednesday when we were harvesting some of the neighbors saw us and thought it was pretty funny to see white people out in the rice fields. so they were crackin up over on the other side of the fence, and elder hancock went over to talk with them and invite them. they handed him a water bottle while filming this whole thing with his phone in the other hand hahaha it was way funny it was like elder hancock was like a zoo animal, as this was all happening haha. it was funny in the moment. but our service projects have brought some nice new investigators and strengthened some relationships with LAs this week which has been way good. Im glad we were physically able to make it through the week though- probhably the most tired i've ever been i literally felt like a zombie almost all week. 

Some great miracles this week- at the beginning of the transfer i challenged us as a district to go out and visit every member in their homes this transfer. And just in this last week with the few visits Hancock and I have made, to those people that come to church, and then go home and we dont see them til next week ( people hancock said they always just kinda overlooked), we have seen such great miracles. with new investigators, new daters, and strengthening these members, it was just a way solid direction to take this last week. One of my last weeks in Korat i remember visiting a way strong member that lived 40min or so out of the city, and he had been a member for 7 years. we had made a dinner appointment with him, and when we got out there he said that they hadnt had the missionaries in their home for over a year. and it was just such an uplifting and exciting visit for them as they loved looking back over old pictures, and talking about their baptism, etc. it made me realize how vital it is that we go into the homes of every member. So ive set a goal to visit every active members home in each area i serve atleast once. a lot of fire has grown in Udon about getting excited about missionary work this last week, so im excited about that. 

We taught some awesome new people this week, both people we met at the mall, and friends/family of members that we visited. I've also been working closely with Elder Kanduns little brother to help him prepare for a mission in a couple months. Theres a ton of potential missionaries coming out of Udon in the next couple months so thats another exciting facet of the work here. I feel like there was just SO much that happened this week, but its like too much to remember, and i honestly dont have much time to sit and think about it. Sorry for the lack of juice in this letter haha, but just know that we're killing it out here and having a lot of fun watching the Lord just pour out blessings here in Udon. 

I love you guys- and I love my #1, Jesus Christ. 

Elder Chamberlin

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