General Conference in Korat - October 11, 2015

Today its super overcast and way nice and cool outside with a nice little breezing flowing its way through this little internet place. Thailand is doing good and i love it so much!

Our two golden people- pink and pearl got baptized yesterday and it was way cute. Afterwards pearl bore her testimony and was just like, "the missionaries told me that if i wanted to know if this all was true all i had to do was pray about it... and i did... and *EEEE (some cute little excited noise)* it is!" she is such an amazing missionary. she and pink invited a bunch of their friends to come to the baptism, all of these friends whom we have taught before because they bring friends to the church all the time, and there was 3 in particular who were progressing in a sense but they wouldnt set a baptismal date. after pearl and pink got baptized, we talked with them later that day, and now 3 of the 6 homies of pearl are getting baptized next week! so that was way exciting. It shows what great an influence friends can be and are.

There was some way good lessons, and solid growing experiences of the week, but the best was general conference fasho! it was so good and uplifting. Its funny now being on a mission and im like trying to convince the youth why they need to watch all of general conference and i try to explain how awesome it is- but than i think back to when i was there age and realize i was probably the same- some wisdom only comes with age i guess.

But yeah i think im just gonna do a way quick sweeping overview of what i loved from conference so here we go-

Uchtdorf: The gospel: it works! if your experience in the church isn't all you expected it to be, take it back to the basics, because the gospel truly is simple. Start where you are and go from there. Exaltation is the goal, but discipleship is the journey. (theres a lot of joy in the journey). Satan will take our weaknesses and make us discouraged. God will take our weaknesses and make them strengths. 

Ballard and Christofferson- Ballard about how the church is "old ship zion". he explained that a vehicle is made to take us to a destination- old ship zion was established to take us to eternal life. Christofferson talked about why Christ even established a church. Why cant we just be "spiritual people" that do it on our own? we dont need no church or establishment to tell us what we believe! Christofferson taught that we are converted to Christ, but we are unified in the church. It is only through the Church that we can have priesthood ordinances and covenants, example the temple, how else would we being sealing our families together for time and eternity?!? 

Lawrence: SO GOOD- "what lacketh i yet?" I love how real his examples were. We need to be humble enough (like the rich young ruler) to ask.... but unlike the young rich ruler, we need to be faithful and trusting enough to follow through on our divine guidance. We need to follow the promptings of the spirit, the spirit will show us all things that we must do. whether it is focus more on the sabbath, clean our language a little, something small like not interrupting other people while they talk, or maybe starting to get your life in order by just cleaning your room. This talk was way good and way real- a solid choice to watch for fam home evening

along with Lawrence's theme of imrpoving personally- was elder Hales- we need to do a personal council with ourselves, and humbly ask where we need to improve. And we don't have to do it alone, but we should seek the advice of great leaders, not necessarily friends or people of the same level, but of those who we look up to. Do you want to become as great as your highschool friend? or as great as Elder Bednar, your dad, or some other great figure in your life? Remember your the pilot and you're in charge.

Hollands earth shattering talk about mothers- so powerful. Along with Elder Nelson's "We need Women!" talk. Makes me way greatful for all the beautiful wonderful examples of women in my family and life<3 and elder nelson who shared of the influence that his wife had on him as a young doctor. way powerful

I could go on forever about good talks, but to list of a few more haha-

Bradley D Foster- a fathers council with his 9 yr old son- "i was 9 before, and i know you will face these different problems and challenges, pornography, drugs, bullying, acceptance of friends, popularity, choosing to do the right thing, etc. so when these things come up, i want you to know that you can come to me, and i will tell you what comes next, i will guide you through and help you succeed." so then after hearing about this story Foster decided to call up his kids who were grown and had families of their own already hahaha "i was 31 before, and i know you will face..... etc. etc. hahahah" way good. 

Oaks- powerful on the healing power of the atonement. no matter who we are or what are circumstance, Christ has suffered below it ALL

Anderson- What would Christ say about our faith? he shared a super powerful story of the missionary out in the marshall islands or something who had his parents and 2 younger siblings pass away in an accident. you gotta go watch this one too. using your mind without your heart wont bring spiritual answers. "the natural man recieveth not the things of God"

Bennett- excercising our faith and taking those baby steps until we fall into God's loving embrace.

Uchtdorfs other talk on the story of daniel- SO GOOD! Are we like daniel? do we stay true to god? Daniel past his test, but ours still continues. Talking about critics and cynics... that stuff is easy, anyone can bash and try to find fault. But those who hold fast to faith are for more impressive- the world rejects that which it doesnt understand. be like daniel!

Eyrings- super good on doing our part, and the lord will multiply our efforts.

President Monson- our dear prophet spoke so clear and straight to the point- REPENT! our eternal salvation depends on it. yet spoken is such a soft loving voice. Keep the commandments. in this there is safety, in this there is peace. so repent because the sooner you do the sooner you will experience that peace and assurance. 
Monson pt. 2 Let our light shine. We will be different. We are here for a season to bravely let our light shine.

Then one of my favorite parts was the powerhouse new apostles that bore there testimonies. all three, rasband, stevenson, and renlund were so powerful some quotes- "i stand all amazed" , "love one another as i have loved you" , "the lord qualifies those whom he calls" , "the lord doesnt call us for what we've done, but for what the lord will do through us." , "We must see people through God's perspective" Renlund's touching experience as a surgeon. 

Haynie- super solid parable. some people dont understand/ under-estimate what God requires of us to return home with him. oh just accept him :) he shared the parable of a muddy kid tryna get into his grandmas nice clean house. it took a little repentance and cleaning off by the cold hose in the backyard first. but grandma was there to help him with it- he just had to be willing to accept to grandmas will. and then he got to be all warm and cozy inside, and im sure ate cookies with his grandma. 

Bednar- i loved this one so much- and i love president hinckley! while on 60 minutes president hinckley had been asked or rather told, that the church gets some heat for being a church just ran by a bunch of old men. and he responded cheerfully and without hesitation, “Isn’t it wonderful to have a man of maturity at the head, a man of judgment who isn’t blown about by every wind of doctrine?” and then Bednar powerfully testified of the great men at the head of the church that he has served with in his time in the quorom of the 12, and shared a snippet of each of their great teachings. Bednar is a boss as usual. 

alright well i think that covers it haha- general confernece had more miracles and spiritual upliftment than the good old missionary work joyem and i did this week. but along with all those who spoke with us in general conference i witness and know that our prophet is called of God, and am so grateful for their loving guidance. The Savior declared, “Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same” As we follow our prophet, we will be guided on our course back to our heavenly father, and there will be so much joy in that journey! Its time to make some slight changes to our lives my friends! lets straighten our course, and continue on to the magnificent mansions in heaven that our father in heaven has prepared for us. 

i love you guys! i hope you each make time to go over the talks in general conference this week. much love. elder chamberlin is having a blast out here in thailand, its all worth it! the gospel is true! so lets share it like the sound of a trump- but if the sound of the trump is uncertain who is gonna prepare for battle? So declare it with confidence, boldness, certainty, and clarity, because it is so clear the blessing that the gospel of jesus christ is in our own personal lives. Cheers!

Elder Chamberlin<3
Pearl & Pink's Baptism

Baptism Day for Pearl & Pink

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