Ubon Conference September 20, 2015

Hey everyone, im sending much love on this wonderful sunday evening for you guys. Its been a way fun week so ill hit you up with the deets-

On tuesday it was literally raining every moment of the day. Normally rain is pretty chill- just to mix things up a little bit- but thai people are like pretty suspicious about using their phones in the rain because they dont want to get shocked- so they all just turn off their phones and stay inside. So that made getting ahold of people a little tricky on tuesday, so we had a good day of inviting instead haha. On wednesday morning our district began our adventure to Ubon which is way out on the border of Laos and Cambodia. We met up there for Zone conference for some training by Pres. Johnson and the APs. It was way solid- i wish i could share everything about it- but alot of it was just about understanding the small things that go into achieving our vision. A theme was used throughout the conference of our vision being like a triangle and then in that triangle are smaller triangles to help us achieve the vision. and within each of the smaller triangles are smaller triangles, etc. probably sounds lame but it was cool at the time haha. Anyways we had an activity the first night wich was straight up a minute to win it kind of game night. It came to no surprise when our team came thru with the win. Our original team name was Ratchasee which is a royal lion in thai- but getting lost thru translation our team name was just Ratchet C. 

Anyways- after that first night we are walking over to our hotel that everyone was staying at, and Joyem and I get there last and find out that there were no rooms left haha. i call up elder Arne who was staying with pres. johnson in another hotel- and we got invited over to stay with them hahaha so that was sick. while we were waiting for Arne to call us back to tell us the name of the hotel- we were walking on the street and asked this street stand lady if we could wash her dishes- we started going in on her dishes haha and she was super super excited about it she started taking pictures of us haha. we asked her if anyone had come by to wash her dishes before and she said no- and to make it even more of a strange experience- there was a white kid washing her dishes for her. So super grateful she actually ended up giving us a free dinner and having her husband drive us over to the hotel. It was pretty cool to see the Lord prepare the way for us. It made me think of that scripture that says "dont give thought to what you will eat or wear" or something like that, but that "God will prepare all things for us". We get to the hotel and Elder Joyem was like way stoked as we walked into this super nice hotel hahaha. we slept like kings that night and had a nice breakfast in the morning. there were a lot of soldiers there eating that morning, and somehow one thing led to another, and all of the sudden i was playing piano on this stage for everyone and singing. It was arne's birthday too- and possibly the last day i will see him until the day we reunite in america. And he very well could be married by that point- so that was bittersweet. It was good reuniting with Pres. Johnson and Sister Johnson this week too. seeing them was like seeing my mom and dad haha it was wierd. They said they missed having a stud like me in the office- and over for dinner and what not- which isnt surprising. 

After the conference we made our way back home for the what was suppose to be 4-5 hour bus ride but somehow took 8+ hours. We made it back home at like 2ish in the morning. and then friday and saturday we just went way hard. Inviting at The Mall, we found this way new golden investigator with a baptismal date for next week- and it makes me feel like a fisherman- we just go out fishing for a couple hours and its like we always find someone whos way genuinely interested. she came to church this last sunday and is just a boss! 

My favorite part of the week was with sister faa, and her two kids Oiy, and Eve who are twins a boy and a girl and 10 yrs old. there way cute. But we went with some members on saturday and spent a big part of the day just serving at her new little house, helping get everything ready to open up and start making food. There is no better feeling than just spending time serving people- and that saying is so true, that you grow to love those that you serve. This cute little family is all getting baptized together next sunday and its gonna be such a happy day. They are all so awesome. This is the family that the son, Oiy, would tell his mom all the time that he didnt want to go to the buddhist temple because he is christian. and he is just this cute little 10 yr old kid. yeah but they are awesome. 

Our other dude, brother sun, the guy we met at mcdonalds a couple of weeks ago, is getting baptized this sunday too- so thats some great news. I love seeing people turn their lives around through the gospel- such a great thing. 

I feel like there is a lot of stuff that happened in the last couple days but its pretty hot up in this computer place.

we had a lot of success especially with our Less Active visits this week with people coming back to church this week. So that was way exciting. 

in other news- i taught this dude that has a sewing shop next to the church, i taught him how to make ties, or really just gave him stuff and he learned on his own- but now hes making ties out of alll the siiiiiick fabrics ive been collecting- so im gonna be hooking it up with some way cool ties for thanksgiving or christmas this year. 

I love you guys! Being a missionary is the best calling in the world- and whats even cooler is it doesnt have to stop after you serve for 2 years. You just get this fire as a missionary though to go and find Christ's sheep and it is just so fun! After having moved areas now- its such a cool feeling to talk with people from Asoke and Phitsanulok that i came so close with, through teaching and serving them. Those friendships are pretty dang sweet. 

The church is true! 

Scriptures for the week: 1 nephi 18:16 and D&C 121:7-8 and D&C 122:7-9 ... good stuff

Elder Chamberlin <3

Brother Biw, reminded me of cruising with Henry ayyyye

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