Week 2 in Korat

This week was UNBELIEVABLE in the words of Joyem

Not much time so im just gonna jump into the miracles. 

miracle #1 Brother One
Brother One is this awesome guy who has been investigating the church for about a month now. He was invited from his coworker to come check it out, and i loved his testimony at his baptism. He spoke of the incredible change in his life as he has learned about Christ. He was so grateful for his friend that invited him, because he had always been looking for something more in life. The the happiness in his life was so fleeting- it came and went, but he testified of how amazing the last two weeks has been as he has had a hope and a constant light in his life. He is a boss and has so much faith. The miracle about him was that when we first got here and continue teaching him (he had already learned a bit before joyem and i got here to korat) his wife would come occassionally but would just wait outside the church and wasnt at all interested in talking to us. On the day he interview for baptism, while he was talking with the Zone leaders, my companion and i went outside and sat and talked with his wife. and she shared how at first she wasn't really interested, but as she has seen the complete change in her husbands life, her heart has opened up to the message, and now she wants to get baptized, following her husbands example, in two weeks. miracles

miracle #2
On tuesday Elder Joyem and i went out to Khonburi. It is a small city way far out of Korat, about an hour drive. But there is a less active member that is living there, she is actually a returned missionary as of 30 some plus years ago, and she is there teaching english, and hasn't been to church in who knows how long. We had called her last week to try and meet with her and she invited us out there to help teach english- to a couple schools and a group 80+ policeman that she teaches. So we went out there not really knowing what to expect haha but it was such an amazing experience. Going to the schools was the coolest thing ever- i can see why some people decide to just dedicate their lives to going and teaching children in less developed countries and areas. We got there and i honestly felt like a celebrity- all these cute little school kids were soooo excited to have us come. Meeting the police force group was pretty sweet as well. The whole day was way awesome, a lot of driving, but by the end of it i had a small feeling of like, "was this the best use of time?" I felt a ton of love for these people but also just the stressing goals that joyem and i had for investigator lessons, etc. I felt like the day didnt help us progress in any of our goals i guess if that makes sense. After the whole experience, the less active member called us and told us about how one of the teachers at the school posted a picture of us on facebook and said "these two missionaries love teaching about religion, but today they came out to teach our kids english for free" and apparently tonnnss of people asked for where our church was, who we were, etc. Pretty cool miracle. this is in an area where missionaries have never been before, but in not long the gospel will spread through Khonburi as well. Cool miracle.

Miracle #3
to piggyback with #2, this miracle came from english class. i was stressin a little before because i wanted to make the class way good in the sense that it was super fun for everyone that came, but that everyone learned as well. And since the two sister missionaries were going to split off in another class and teach the kids, it was up to me and my thai companion to teach everyone else. So i made a couple calls to senior couples in the mish, my homie elder arne, and tried to prepare a way solid english class. It was probably thee best class i've seen, i was way proud of it. The miracle part- someone who had come for their second time, who is not a member of the church, she ran into the bishop in our ward that she recognized and knew as one of the leaders in the church, and she thanked him for having such an amazing english program, and told him how the class was so amazing that she was planning to bring her whole office from work (30 plus people) to come next week. So that was a blessing, an answer to prayers, and a cool miracle as well. 

As for other miracles there were tons i wish i could write more but theres no time. Korat is a gold mine of miracles. As we have been working really close with the members and leadership in the ward there has been incredible blessings come forth. I love the people here so much and feel so lucky to be here serving them! My son, elder joyem is a straight boss. I honestly probably learn more from him each day- my thai is gonna be fire after my time with him! love him a lot- and our district is sweet. oh there was also a wedding that went down this week which was awesome. the bride is a member, but the groom isnt and is now taking lessons. ahhh yeahhh love you guys so much! Miracles are real :) and lets follow Nephi's example because he is a boss-

1Nephi 7:12 - "...the lord is able to do all things according to his will for the children of men, if it so be that they excercise faith in him. Wherefore let us be faithful unto him"

1 Nephi 18:16 "nevertheless i did look unto my God and i did praise him all the day long; and i did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions" 

love you guys!

elder chamberlin

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