From missionary, to homeless, to marriage counselor, to bouncer, to cripple‏

Yo fam whats good! elder wright and i are just not able to have a normal week for real haha its nuts. 

after emailing last monday i finally got a nice haricut, it looks very sharp. here in thailand they are way boss haricutters and use these gnarly just straight razor blades to shave the sides and what not, trim your nose hairs, and give you a nice washcloth to the face. all for the generous price of $2. so that was good this week. monday night we met up with one of the way golden investigators we picked up last week named bay. he came to the soccer activity but when he showed up he was not dressed for the occasion, and im like are you playing or what? and he said he actually was just more interested in learning about jesus that night- ahhhhh yeaaaahh. solid lessons with him this week- good kid, i hope to see him entering those waters of baptism in the very near future. 

all in all this week was way good with lessons, with a baptism this last sunday, and with 6 baptisms lined up for this week- all way solid people so we'll see what happens. 

the missionary life to a little twist tuesday night when we came back to our house on a rainy stormy night, and our electricity was out. all the other houses next to us seemed to be fine, and then we noticed that the electric company came and cut our wire connection for electricity or whatever- and it was pouring so i wasn't tryna risk climbing up a sketchy ladder in the pouring rain to try and see if we can take off the tape and plug it back in. we found out there was actually a way old bill that never got payed and thats why they cut our cord. we got a notice about it a few days back but didnt really understand it and just threw it off to the side haha. lesson learned i guess. so the house was BLAZING hot because we had no air. elder wright was straight "sweating like a dog" and i proposed we just try to sleep through the night whatever, it'll just be like a hot night out at lake powell. but as a laid down and closed my eyes for a good 20 minutes or so i woke up literally just sweating from every pore and laying in a little pool- hahah there was no way we were staying and elder wright was already on the phone with the ZL's to get permission to go sleep at the church. yeah so thats what we did. not gonna lie the couch cushions from the church were probably more comfortable than my bed cushion haha. so that was a fun night of being homeless. 

i think i dropped my first investigator this week that i was genuinely pretty upset/dissapointed about because i had such high hopes for this guy and his faith. my boy brother watermelon. but it just wasnt his time i suppose.

i also became a marriage counselor this week. our investigator chuu came in to the church friday night just like way sad and down and couldnt focus on anything in our lesson. turns out he was way stressed about some stuff going on with him and his girlfriend (sister gate who just got baptized this sunday), because of some drama stuff. theres lots of love drama in thailand. anyways, elder wright and i decide we cant continue teaching him like this, and decided just to invite them both into the same room (sister gate was already at the church) and talk it out. haha it was pretty funny at first, but we let chuu vent his feelings, and then sister gate, and then i mention some good mama C advice of repent a little, and forgive alot, something like that. long story short elder wright and i just nailed this lesson with them without even talking about the original issue of some text message. i pulled up a picture of josh and lauren and there cute little family out front of the church all of them just smiling and so happy, and talked about God's plan for each of us his children. we helped him really grasp onto and understand this vision of having a happy eternal family, which is foundation-ed on the gospel of christ. chuu couldnt help but smile and say how happy he felt as i scrolled through other pictures of my super cute nephews. no matter how are family is or was, we helped chuu understand that he literally had the power to decide what his family was going to be like, and no matter who its with (god knows) he can have a happy eternal family. way good lesson- and we couldnt help but feel like brother chuu walked away from that lesson being set for life, even past baptism. his conviction and testimony is so strong of what he knows will bring him true happiness. such a good kid. 

as for sunday- way good day not much crazy to say other than the branch is doing good and continuing to grow together. i love being here to see them come together to help pitsanulok grow in the truth and joy of the gospel! anyways after all the activities of the day and what not we were at the church with a couple members and other people. a little messing around got a little too serious between two of the kids, and wright and i stepped in to seperate it. one thing led to another and i walked away with a little bit of an injury... lets just say i look like a cartoon from the simpsons. however im healthy, im good, and all is well!

We also started the translation of Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie sunday night to get thai subtitles. it's looking way good. alright love you fam! pray and read the scriptures- those are the two best things we can do everyday to have a happy life! much love, i love this work, and feel so blessed. thailand wooo!

elder chamberlin<3

            my investigator chuu whom i love with all my heart. he is gonna be a stud leader in the future. 

sister cartoon and bro garfield. they are the cutest and are very good at reminding me of my cute little kids i miss at home

                                                                                      another pic with chuu

                                                   and then after that brother frame wanted a pic hahah

                                                 a drawing that the very talented sister mew drew for me. 

                                              and then dont be worried i just thought the pictures were too funny not to send-                             

                                                                      heres the incident for the week haha.

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