First Week in the MTC // November 24, 2014

ท้้ ตี้งมม นีอ้ิ! Hello world I've missed you so!

So the MTC has been one of the craziest experience, actually thee craziest experience. I've been here for what like 5 days now and its felt like 5 weeks... i guess I'll start from the beginning. My companion is elder Dunnaway from Kansas and he's a stud. We're getting along really well and he likes to work hard which i like. Our roomies are Elder Bingham (Brooks, the guy dad set apart that is in our YSA ward) and Elder Morley from Utah somewhere. We honestly have the best room, district, zone, etc in the MTC. The only thing that can be an issue for some of the missionaries in our district is focusing, because we all love being around each other so much, and are constantly having a good time. I got called to be the District Leader on Thursday by our Branch President, President Jackson. He's a nice man. I have never worked so hard in such a short period in my life, but im gonna be honest, adjusting hasn't been as bad as everyone said it would be. I got a little sick on friday, and was getting some chills and headaches throughout the day, but all in all the food is good, and being here is just awesome. Our thai teacher is Brother Thrap and he's a boss. He reminds me of a gentler Ben which is nice because i feel a little more at home. We spend most of our time in the classroom and are learning Thai at a crazy pace. I probably know more Thai then i do German and Chinese combined. I can simply teach the first lesson, bear my testimony, and pray for the most part in Thai already, which doesn't seem that crazy because it honestly does feel like i've been here for over a month. Time goes pretty slow but at the end of the night it's crazy and cool to see how much we were able to accomplish. I met ben's Thai teacher friend yesterday too, but i forgot his name. I think my favorite part about being here is the spirit that you feel all the time. Whether we are in class, a devotional, at the temple, wherever, its just always good vibes here... if you have the right attitude, which our district does. Our teachers speak zero english which is crazy, and we got thrown into teaching an investigator just my companion and i on our second day hahahaha. needless to say it wasnt very good. but we taught her the next day and it is literally insane how fast we grow. Her names Molly, and she isnt a real investigator but she acts like one and only speaks thai to us, so it feels pretty real. A cool experience was our second time teaching her, i was able to look up from my paper of lines that i was trying to memorize and i just spoke to her in thai, and it was crazy the words that will be put in your mouth as you testify of truth with the power of the Holy Ghost. I was remembering words that i never really studied and long story short it was a cool experience. Sundays in the MTC are amazing. I had Leadership Training Meeting with the Branch Presidency and the other District Leaders and Zone leaders in our zone, and i learned a lot from it. I feel so prepared out here. Greiner's scripture list makes teaching with the scriptures too easy, and I feel comfortable teaching in english so my biggest challenge is really just learning thai, its made me really grateful for all the times i went out with the missionaries, went to mission prep, etc. A lot goes on here i cant write it all, but in short its amazing. So so amazing. I've thought a couple times to myself that Blake would just LOVE it here... i was talking to my companion and we started getting pretty real and we talked about some serious gospel stuff and i felt like i was talking to blake back at home it was pretty weird. But yeah, the MTC is what you make of it. With a good attitude it can be some of the best weeks of your life. Mom ive written in a journal for the first time in my life, and ive been filling it with experiences and memories i can look back on and smile at :). I went through the temple today and it was an awesome experience. I am warm (in this terribly cold weather), happy, and stoked to continue to serve the Lord. One thing has always stuck with me that i think about when i get tired or feeling like just kickin back and relaxing: I only have two years to give up everything to serve the Lord, so give up everything and dedicate myself 100% to my holy calling. Anyways i love it here, and i miss you all at home<3 its weird how long its felt like to me. I know that this is where i am suppose to be and i wouldnt want to be anywhere else. I love my God and my Savior and know through them all things are possible. Tell my priest boys i love them, i definitely miss being with them. Love you all and see you in 2 years - 5 days!

Elder Chamberlin 

P.S. like in the best two years, it really does brighten your day soo much when you get mail so thank you for all you loving people who send me things, it makes the hard work so much more worth it!

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